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Cops and Prostitutes*

"They must be going to a fancy dress," Wendy Wilkins said. [Excerpt from "Sex, Love & Cops"]

We were driving down a dimly lit street, my first night shift at St. Kilda Police station. I said to my partner (as I noticed two very tall women wearing glittery outfits and wigs), “They must be going to a fancy dress.”

My partner rolled his eyes at me and as we got closer, he rolled down his drivers side window to address them. I noticed that they were not women at all but men wearing makeup and dressed like ladies. It was the first time I had ever seen a transvestite and a prostitute as well.

“Hello Officer,” said one of them as they leaned seductively in and smiled out me “Who’s the cutie pie?” “Our newest trainee,” replied my partner.

I met “Robyn Reed” when my sergeant played a trick on me at the station. He called me from the watch house front desk one night and asked me to do a strip search of a female suspect they brought in.

The rules at St. Kilda police station were female cops searched females and male cops searched the males. We did full srip searches in St. Kilda as there a lot of drugs, etc.

I entered the room to see a tall prostitute with bright red lips, blonde hair, short skirt and large pointy breasts. She had very long bright painted red chipped fingernails which she was tapping on the desk.

“Hello Robyn,” I said, “Do you have anything on your person I should be worried about? No needles or anything like that right?”

Robyn smiled sweetly and seductively at me as I put my gloves on and replied in a deep husky voice, “No Officer.”

As I instructed her to begin to take off her top, I noticed she had a rather large Adam’s apple and big hands. I began to suspect and said, “Robyn, have you had the operation?”

“No love that’s why I am doing this to pay for getting the chop. Though the hormones are working well, check out these, pretty good yes?” Robyn lifted up her top to expose her pointy breasts. At the same time I noticed some “bobbing heads” outside the window. My Sarge and the night shift crew were waiting to see my shock as I discovered Robyn was a “he.”

“Wait here,” I said. I left the room and found the Sarge sitting “innocently” reading the newspaper in the lunch mess room and said to him, “Sarge, Robyn is a he. I can’t search her.”

*This is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my memoir, Sex, Love & Cops.

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